Get Affordable Treatment for Multiple Dental Implants

Multiple dental implants are the most efficient and durable option for replacing several missing teeth. We make it a cost-effective option.

Our team of experienced dentists understand how losing multiple teeth can and does impact on your life.

  • It affects the way you smile and your confidence
  • Eating food other than soft and liquid foods is almost impossible
  • It impairs the way you speak
  • Bone deterioration is faster and more serious

Accessing effective treatment need not be a costly affair. Our team can help provide you with quality affordable dental implants.

How much will I pay for multiple dental implants?

The cost will depend on a number of factors including:

  • The number of teeth you need to replace and whether they are in your “smile zone”
  • The brand, quality and type of products used
  • The complexity of the prosthodontics fitting required
  • The need for additional procedures such as bone or gum grafting, separate implant exposure surgery
  • The expertise and preferences of your dentist

Affordable Options for Multiple Dental Implants

The average cost in Australia is generally quite high for multiple dental implants. However, we break away from this trend. Our typical fees for a simple, single dental implant starts from $3840.

Our typical fees for All on 4® dental implants, a full-arch fixed teeth replacement option, start from $18,000.

Trust Dentist Collingwood for Multiple Implants

Dr Madhur Shiralkar, our principal dentist, holds formal post-graduate qualifications in implants, achieving distinction standard in his Graduate Diploma of Clinical Dentistry in Oral Implants at Sydney University. He has published in the Australasian Dental Magazine and now also teaches at the Dental Implantology Academy in Melbourne.

We have two clinics conveniently located in Camberwell and Collingwood offering:

  • Modern facilities
  • Reputable implant systems
  • Quality products
  • Strong relationships with local labs – all crowns are made in Melbourne
  • Affordable fees for dental implants
  • Experienced dentists and team

During your consultation, our team of experienced dentists will examine your teeth and assess your imaging results. We believe in complete parity and will happily explain every aspect of your specific case and the associated costs during your consultation.

Get cost-effective multiple implants today and restore your ability to chew and smile.

Multiple Dental Implants
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