All on 4 Implants FAQs?

Dentures are removable but All on 4® implants are a permanent(fixed) set of teeth that look and feel close to natural teeth. Benefits of All on 4® include:

  • they are easy to maintain – you just brush them like natural teeth
  • they don’t have to be taken out
  • they don’t need adhesives
  • comfort because implants don’t place pressure on your gums
  • the ability to experience the temperature of your food
  • eating all your favourite foods again because you can bite with increased force (up to 70 per cent more)
  • preventing bone deterioration
  • restoring your facial features
The All on 4® technique utilises just four implants per arch, whereas traditional implants require anywhere from six to eight implants, or more, in each arch. The implants of the All on 4® procedure are also placed at an angle using the natural support of your bone, which provides increased stability. Once placed, a rigid chassis connects the implants to share the biting forces and ensure individual implants are not overloaded.Most patients don’t require bone grafting, which is common in traditional implant procedures. Therefore, All on 4® can be a cost-effective alternative.
Generally, the cost of Allon 4® implants for a lower jaw starts at $18,000 while an upper jaw starts from $19,500. Sleep dentistry, teeth extractions or computer-guided surgery will incur extra charges.
Every All on 4® implant case is unique and we will discuss the estimated length of time during your consultation.
Published studies show more than 98 per cent success rate using All on 4® dental implants. We carefully evaluate your bone quality and quantity before undertaking the procedure. We will keep you informed if we have any concerns that would impact on the success of the procedure.
All on 4® is an excellent solution for patients who have lost all their teeth or whose remaining teeth are failing and/or painful. They may currently wear dentures and want to get their teeth back. Age isn’t important but the patient should be in good health.
The All on 4® dental technique provides you with fixed teeth that function as real teeth. As part of you initial consultation we will analyse your smile and lip line and discuss the aesthetics of your bridge in detail as every situation is unique. We aim to eliminate the visibility of the junction or ‘line’ between the fixed bridge and the jaw bone. It’s important that your smile does not reveal too much gum and that the junction of your bridge is concealed.
No, not on the same day. As with any surgery, your mouth and jaw will need time to heal. However, you do not have to walk out of our surgery toothless! Your implants will be provided with a temporary set of teeth. Your permanent teeth will be fitted once the healing process is complete.
All on 4® implants can be placed on just the upper or lower arch. We will evaluate your circumstances and if we believe you might eventually need replacement teeth on both arches, we will suggest performing the procedure on both arches at the same time. This will save time and money and ensure better results overall. We will work with you to determine what best meets your needs both health wise and cost wise regarding the All on 4® technique.
They should be treated like your natural teeth so daily brushing and flossing is recommended. Our team of experienced dentists and dental hygienists will review oral hygiene practices with you and will recommend the most appropriate oral hygiene treatment plan to suit your situation.
The cost of your All on 4® treatment will be discussed prior to surgery during the consultation appointment.
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