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In the 1960s, when dentists started doing fillings for restorative dentistry, amalgam fillings or silver fillings were their number one choice. Materials such as silver, mercury, tin and nickel were some of the widely used materials for amalgam fillings because they cost effective to manufacture, long-lasting and easily available.

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As time passed some very prominent disadvantages of amalgam fillings have come to light and they are:

  • Amalgam has a mercury component in it. There are several symptoms related to mercury exposure including – gastrointestinal effects, psychological disturbances, oral cavity disorders, and systemic effects under musculoskeletal, endocrine, respiratory, neurological, cardiovascular and immunological categories.
  • The properties of amalgam are similar to metal. With temperature fluctuations it may contract and expand, which can weaken the tooth structure and possibly crack or fracture.
  • More tooth structure needs to be removed for amalgam fillings to be held in place.
  • Amalgam fillings or silver / mercury fillings do not look very esthetically pleasing. In modern day cosmetic dentistry, natural tooth colored and textured fillings are given a lot of importance.

Because of these disadvantages many patients choose to have their Amalgam Silver Mercury fillings removed and replaced with tooth colored fillings such as porcelain or composite. These are a much effective, natural looking, long lasting and safer choice as compared to amalgam fillings.

Safe removal of amalgam is one of the holistic dentistry services we offer in Melbourne

At our Melbourne dental facility, we practice safe removal of existing or damaged amalgam dental filling. We care not just about our patient’s well-being but also for the environment we live in.

  • We follow these safety guidelines for the removal of amalgam fillings”
  • We keep the fillings cool during removal to reduce the amount of mercury vapor.
  • We are a mercury-safe dentist as we cut the amalgam into chunks so it can be easily removed by suction rather than drilling into it.
  • We use a high-volume evacuator or suction system to minimize your exposure to amalgam particles or mercury vapor.
  • We use a rubber dam to isolate the tooth that’s being worked upon.
  • Once the amalgam, silver or mercury filling is removed we ensure that we remove and dispose our rubber gloves and dam, and then rinse the patient’s mouth thoroughly. We also vacuum it for at least 15 seconds and follow up with an immediate clean-up of his face and neck.

Thus, if you plan on having your amalgam (silver / mercury) fillings safely removed and are looking for a qualified dentist to carry out this procedure, get in touch with our office and schedule an appointment. We cater to customers all over Melbourne, specifically those residing in Hartwell, Tooronga, Toorak, Malvern, Hawthorn, Balwyn, Kew, Box Hill, Glen Iris, Ashburton, Burwood, Mont Albert, Surrey Hills, Canterbury, Collingwood and Camberwell.

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