Take Advantage our No Gap* Dental Implants Consultation in Melbourne

We take a thorough approach right from the start. We invite new patients for a comprehensive NO GAP* consultation and x-rays with our principal dentist, Dr Madhur Shiralkar.

What to expect during your initial consultation for dental implants at our Melbourne practice:

  • A detailed oral assessment of your teeth, gums and bite
  • X-rays of your teeth and jaw as well as a referral for a 3D scan
  • A brief discussion of relevant treatment options

Detailed Oral Assessment

Our trusted Melbourne dentist will perform a thorough oral examination to evaluate your gums, teeth, and bite. For your bone density assessment, Dr Madhur will refer you for a 3D scan. This will assist with his implant planning. If the scan reveals less bone volume, he will consider whether to undertake a bone graft before or during the implant placement procedure.

Xrays and scans

Dental x-rays are likely to be recommended during your consultation and you might be referred for CT (Computer Tomography) scan as well. Dr Madhur will conduct a detailed review of these scans and x-rays for determining the exact placement of your new fixed teeth.

Your Options for Dental Implants at our Melbourne Clinics

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality dental implants for Melbourne patients. We will discuss your individual situation and the relevant options that best suit your requirements.

For patients who have one or multiple missing teeth or require complete teeth replacement, dental implants can be a practical solution.

After carefully studying all examination results, Dr Madhur will explain the implant procedures that are best suited to you and will best meet the goals of optimal oral health.

There are multiple options available, which he will discuss in detail, such as:

The implant dentistry field is constantly evolving and improving so implants are quite versatile compared to fixed bridges and dentures. You may be surprised at what is now possible to improve your individual situation.

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