Affordable Dental Implants in Melbourne

All on 4® dental implants are replacement teeth which are fixed to the upper or lower jaw on four implants. This technique provides replacement of the full arch.

We have experienced dentists and implant clinicians at two central Melbourne clinics in Camberwell and Collingwood to conduct All on 4® implant treatments. Individual needs vary and we will discuss the stages of your treatment and any alternatives in detail.

Dental implant treatment can be expensive; however, we strive to keep the cost of All on 4® as low as possible as we strongly believe in providing affordable dental implants and accessible treatments to benefit a wider range of people.

Worth the Result!

Our fee is for edentulous jaw and four implant supported bridges. This fee does not include the costs associated with providing sleep dentistry, teeth extractions, or computer-guided surgery.

After we conduct an individual assessment, we will provide you with a fixed-fee treatment plan. This standard cost of All on 4® covers the majority of clinical situations. Obviously, upgrades are available and you can discuss these options based on your needs and preferences. We guarantee that our affordable dental implants are worth the result!

We DO NOT have commercial tie-ups with specific corporate brands. We’d rather provide you with the most suitable and affordable dental implants. .

Cost of All on 4® or Full Arch Dental Implants





Our Promise

We provide quality dental fittings that boast an excellent track record and years of research and development. We work closely with local master technicians, rather than sourcing our implants from cheap overseas labs. We will make sure that you get quality implants installed that won’t easily give way. Our job is to make sure that our patients are completely satisfied with the standard of service that we have to offer. In fact, we also offer sleep or sedation dentistry options to our patients throughout the Melbourne area.

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