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Dentist Collingwood is a progressive Melbourne dental practice that provides quality implant dentistry to a wide range of patients. Our dental implants increase chewing capacity and generally improve the appearance of the mouth, potentially providing that dazzling next-generation smile.

If you were to ask any dentist to name the most exciting technological advancement in dentistry over the past two decades, the response would be resounding – implants!

Dental implants enable our Melbourne dentists to replace lost teeth with new teeth which are fixed permanently into the jaw. This provides a robust solution that is aesthetically pleasing and closely resembles the appearance of natural teeth. Dental implants challenge the need for more traditional style of treatments such as dentures or living with an unsightly gap in your smile.

How do Dental Implants help Melbourne Patients

An implant is a “root” device, which is usually made out of titanium. It’s fixed into your jawbone and used to hold a single tooth or group of teeth in place.

The procedure for dental implants at Dentist Collingwood in Melbourne consists of a series of steps including:

  • determining your suitability for the procedure
  • possible bone and tissue grafting
  • placement of the device

These steps all undertaken within a time line that suits your situation. See All on 4® Dental Implants for information on full-arch implants that help in restoring function of the full jaw depending on your suitability.

Dental Implants
Dental Implants

You Always Get what You Pay For

In most aspects of life there are quality products and cheaper versions. On the exterior they may look the same. However, cheaper versions generally don’t last long and you end up having to pay for a replacement. At Dentist Collingwood we only offer high-quality devices from reputable international brands as we can be confident that they have been designed, developed and manufactured to last.

Frequent new innovations have made the use of dental implants more affordable for Melbourne patients. What was once a high-end solution for those with disposable cash is now a mainstream solution for a wider base of patients.

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