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Long Term Bridges for ALL on 4

The ALL on 4 ® Bridge or Long Term Bridge are recommended for people who have lost multiple teeth or about to lose teeth due to gums disease, decay or dental deterioration. Replacing the missing teeth, gums and jawbones with Long Term ALL on 4 ® Implant Bridges enables the patient to regain original facial contours to certain accuracy.

The costing and time required for completing the entire procedure for Long Term Bridges may vary depending on the health condition of the patient, type of reconstruction needed and type of material used. The harder the material used for constructing the Long Term Bridge, the higher the costs.

Following are different type of materials that’s used in Melbourne for Long Term Bridge construction.

Metal Reinforced High Impact Acrylic Bridge

This ALL on 4® Bridge uses high quality teeth made from Ivoclar or Heraus, reinforcement bars made from metal and high grade acrylic is used in most ALL on 4 ® Dental Implants. This type of ALL on 4® Bridge can be affixed on the very first day of the procedure but needs to be tweaked after 6 months to adjust to the healing process. This type of Long Term Bridge is covered by a two years warranty.

Titanium Hybrid Bridge

The teeth in this type of ALL on 4 ® Bridge is made of Ivoclar or Heraus and high impact acrylic, the major difference is the metallic frame of the bridge. In this case, a titanium structure that is computer designed supports the entire frame making it sturdier and long lasting. This makes the bridge thinner as well as stronger. This ALL on 4 ® bridge is particularly good for people who have habit of teeth grinding, clenching or have heavy bite force in general. Comes with 5 years warranty for the frame.

Zirconia and Titanium Hybrid Bridge

Made from Zirconia, the computer aided sub-structure design is made from Zirconia and layered with porcelain. Long lasting, this type of ALL on 4® Bridge commands is a premium esthetic alternative.

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