Growing Children Benefit from Seeing a Holistic Melbourne Dentist

We are passionate about providing holistic treatment options for your growing kids. We look beyond just their dental health to identify possible causes of crooked teeth such as poor oral habits and/or poor facial development.

Our goal here is to enable your child to:

  • Breathe through their nose
  • Relax their face and oral muscles
  • Improve facial development and dental alignment

Don’t wait until your child is a teenager before consulting a dentist about their crooked teeth. Early diagnosis enables us to conduct more effective orthodontic treatment and as such prevent further invasive procedures later on

Holistic Dentistry for Kids

Banish Braces for Melbourne Kids with a Holistic Dentist

The key benefit of early intervention is well-developed upper and lower jaws and a correct bite. Seeking holistic and preventive treatment while your child is still growing may avoid braces in the future.

Our holistic Melbourne dentist looks to improve the way your child breathes. Problems such as recurring ear infections, bed wetting and night grinding/bruxism can stem from an obstructed breathing pattern. If the tongue does not sit at the top of the jaw, this can result in long-term crowding and crooked teeth. The core issue is not that your child’s teeth are crooked; it is very likely that their jaw has not developed properly.

Holistic Dentistry for Kids

How can a dentist correct a child’s breathing and jaw issues?

Breathing and jaw issues are best assessed and treated before a child reaches adolescence. Early diagnosis at the age of four and above is optimal.

This early treatment helps to correct habits that inhibit the development of the jaw. Remedial treatment results in better facial development and straighter teeth, potentially without extractions and the use of braces.

Our holistic Melbourne dentist takes a team approach involving breathing therapists, ENT (ear nose and throat) specialists, and other medical practitioners depending on your child’s needs.

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