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Medibank Approved Dentists in Melbourne – Services and Benefits

A Medibank Approved Dental Practice is Important for you

Our dental clinic (Collingwood) is a Medibank Private Member Choice Extra cover provider. We are a part of the Members’ Choice network. As a Medibank  approved dentists member you need to know that our dentists agree to and meet the Medibank customer service and fee structure. Before you make an appointment with us please have all the information about your Medibank dental coverage. If you need more information about your insurance and cover you can visit

Know About Medibank and Your Benefits as a Member

Medibank is among the very few private insurance companies that offers the best value for private health cover. More than 3 million Australians prefer Medibank as their private health insurer. Most private hospitals and dental clinics are covered by Medibank’s Members Choice Network. If you are a Medibank member then you can get better rebates at our Collingwood practice.

Benefits from Medibank’s Dental Health Cover

  • Twice a year clean ups, scaling and dental checkups with 100% benefit
  • Selected general dental treatments at 100% benefit
  • Dental cover for root canal, periodontal treatment and crowns for certain Medibank plans, wisdom tooth removal.
  • Medibank recommended affordable dental fees
  • 55% to 100% back in benefit depending on cover

Please be sure to get in touch with Medibank to know what you are eligible for. Only certain plans include the benefits mentioned above.

Medibank Approved Dentist in Melbourne
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