Case 1: Lower All on 4 with Nobel Procera Titanium Framework Bridge

This retired person was suffering from extensive dental infection and deteriorated teeth. He chose for conventional upper denture and lower All on 4 dental implants to restore his bite and smile.

Case 2: Upper and Lower All on 4 concept bridges. 5 Implants in each jaw

Christine suffered from dental anxiety and deteriorated teeth. 5 dental implants were placed in the upper jaw and 4 implants in the lower jaw. All on 4 concept implant bridges gave her a fixed teeth replacement solution.

Case 3: Lower All on 4 concept bridge on 5 Nobel Biocare Implants

This professional was suffering from dental anxiety, neglect and gum disease. Lower teeth were restored with Immediate loading (2 days) on All on 4 implants. Here we placed an extra implant for future contingency.

Case 4-Lower All on 4 concept bridge on 5 Nobel Biocare Implants

After suffering from lower denture for many years, we restored her bite with All on 4 concept implant bridge on 5 implants.

Case 5-Upper and Lower Full Arch Fixed Removable Bridge. 6 Upper and 4 Lower Implants

This person desired to have upper teeth without covering roof of his mouth and not have a denture at all. His complex reconstruction involved sinus bone grafting and 6 dental implants in the upper and 4 in the lower jaw. All on 4 dental implants type fixed removable bridges were made.

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