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Teeth Whitening Collingwood: It’s a fact of life that teeth darken with age. Many factors combine to create stains, including coffee drinking, red wine consumption, smoking, and a variety of other substances.

At some point, you will notice that your teeth are not as bright as they used to be. As white teeth are associated with youth and healthy living, they are cosmetically more desirable. It’s not uncommon for people to experience some psychological side-effects from having significant discolouration, however and there are many methods to remedy the situation. You can opt for whitening to dental restoration depending on the severity of the issue.

Teeth Whitening

We offer both take-home and in-chair teeth whitening services at our Collingwood clinics .
Our dentists use the best in whitening products as they have a significant track record –millions of people worldwide have experienced outstanding results with teeth up to eight shades lighter. In addition, our systems are safe and protect teeth enamel. Other cheaper treatments can adversely affect teeth and gums.
The most common approach is a simple bleaching via direct contact with the tooth surface. This is called the “vital approach” as we treat just living teeth. We can also treat patients who have experienced discoloration due to pulpal tissue death, which has required root canal treatment. This is a “non-vital approach” as the tooth is no longer living. We also offer a combined solution where we treat both living and non-living teeth in a “composite approach”.

In-Chair or Take-Home Teeth Whitening for Melbourne Patients

In-Chair Whitening Treatment
This treatment is completed in one hour. We use state-of-the art LED whitening systems, which use a special light to bleach. We have very minimal issues due to sensitive teeth.

Take Home Whitening Treatment

Custom dental trays are fabricated and the patient is given bleaching solution to take home and use just by itself or as a top-up to refresh the in-chair treatment after a few months.

Before undertaking this procedure, it is important to have your teeth thoroughly checked, cleaned and any stains removed to ensure they are free of decay.

Natural Looking or Whiter than White?

With many options available we can restore your teeth to a natural-looking colour or you can go for brighter than bright and join the red-carpet parade with a flash of white.

For BUPA, Medibank and AHM members we charge their recommended fee schedule to maximise your rebates.

Teeth Whitening
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