Regular Visits to your Melbourne Dentist Should be a Top Priority

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Everyone should visit the dentist on a regular basis. We encourage parents to bring their children for check-ups from an early age so they know what to expect, learn how to care for their teeth, and make good oral hygiene a life-long habit.

We recommend a visit to our Melbourne dentist every six months so that we can treat any emerging issues before they escalate into more serious problems. One of our dentists will undertake a thorough examination and our team of dental hygienists will perform a deep clean of your teeth.

Our Melbourne practice takes a holistic approach so our dentist will consider your overall health and wellbeing when considering your dental care. The condition of your teeth can have a profound effect on your health and, likewise, deteriorating health can impact on your teeth.

It is our passion and profession to keep your natural teeth in good health and condition for as long as possible. We also provide a range of additional services such as dental implants and cosmetic dentistry for patients wanting to reconstruct or repair their teeth and feel full of confidence once more.

Access these General Dentistry Services from your Melbourne Dentist

Let us explain what to expect on your first examination so that you can relax and not suffer from any unnecessary anxiety.

Once you have settled in as a patient and our experienced and professional dental team has a clearer idea of your requirements, we may be able to offer you the following affordable general dentistry procedures:

Gum Treatment – discover how we can help patients who are suffering from gum disease.

  • Learn new dental hygiene habits or make lifestyle changes to reduce the effects of gum disease.
  • Undergo scaling and root planning to remove bacteria and infection
  • Find out options for surgery and any necessary reconstruction

Tooth Coloured Fillings & Biomimetic Dentistry – conserve weakened teeth and protect them from bacterial invasion.

  • Discover how your teeth can be bonded or adhered together and missing components can be built without destroying the vital tissue
  • Ask if onlay biomimetic solutions can be used in preference to a traditional crown to conserve your teeth for longer

Dental Crowns – restore the structure, function and appearance of your teeth.

  • Return strength to teeth that have experienced damage due to trauma, cracks or decay
  • Repair a worn-down bite and improve your appearance
  • Support teeth after root canal treatment
Dentist Collingwood
Dentist Collingwood

TMJ Headaches Snoring – solve pain, sleep and breathing disorders with Temporomandibular Joint treatment.

  • Reduce neck, shoulder or back pain
  • Get relief from headaches and migraines
  • Manage snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea

Sleep Dentistry – achieve a relaxed and dream-like state during more complex dental procedures

  • Avoid anxiety regarding pain and discomfort
  • Stay calm and avoid restlessness during long procedures
  • Keep bad gag reflex under control
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