Dental Implant Dentures for Teeth Replacement Alternative in Melbourne

Dental implant dentures are the perfect option for those who want a full set of teeth that are held securely in place at all times. They are a functional and aesthetically sound solution.

If you need a full set of teeth replaced, Dr Madhur Shiralkar and our team of experienced dentists will help you understand the differences between regular dentures and dental implant dentures. We will advise you on the most durable and affordable procedure for replacing your teeth.

Our long-term, effective and affordable teeth replacement solution in Melbourne

If all of your teeth are compromised, there are only a few options available to you.

  • You can bear the misery of bare gums which results in a collapsed face and inability to eat and speak properly.
  • You can choose regular removable dentures.
  • You can opt for dental implant dentures or All on4®/ Full Arch Implants that restore your smile and function.

Improving your quality of life should be your primary motivation.

What’s wrong with regular dentures?

Regular dentures have long been one of the only options available for people who wanted a full set of artificial teeth. However, they are far from the optimal solution. There are many disadvantages including:

  • They are uncomfortable and tend to become loose and slip out
  • They don’t look natural
  • Dentures (especially lower) need to be held in place with adhesives which may even cause local irritation and allergies
  • You have to be very careful when you eat. This limits the kind of food you can ingest
  • They limit taste sensation and most people end up suffering with bad breath
  • They need to be removed and cause self-consciousness

Goodbye Dentures! Melbourne’s Ideal Teeth Replacement Option

Dental implant dentures are the perfect option if you have lost all your teeth and need a secure and long-lasting teeth replacement option available in Melbourne.

Custom made to fit your unique shape, dental implant dentures will increase your chewing and bite capacity. You will be able to enjoy food once more instead of restricting yourself from eating unsuitable hot and cold foods.

There are many other advantages of dental implant dentures that make them the ideal option including:

  • They preserve the existing bone mass, helping to maintain facial structure.
  • They restore full lip support so you no longer have to worry about premature wrinkles, marionette lines or the dreaded witches chin.
  • They are fixed firmly in place with affordable dental implants – say goodbye to adhesives! You won’t have to worry about them loosening or slipping out.
  • They are not painful or uncomfortable.
  • You can achieve a natural-looking result.

Our experienced dentists can provide you with fixed replacement teeth in just a few consultations. Our motto is to provide “quality and affordable dental implants for all”!

Dental Implant Dentures
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