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Key-Hole Dental Implants – All You Need To Know

One of the most common dental problems is missing teeth. This is usually accompanied by a sense of low self-esteem and loss of well-being.

You may be emotionally affected because of an unsightly smile or impairment of eating functions.

Digital, Precise and Less invasive!

The best dental solution for this could be getting teeth implants. However, many patients have a phobia for surgery and thus avoid getting dental implants. We have a solution for this. Recent technological advancements in digital implant dentistry has made it key hole implant surgery a possibility in certain situations.

What is Key Hole dental implant?

Conventional dental implant surgery is invasive. The gum flap needs to be raised and the jaw bone is exposed to put in the dental implant.

Key hole dental implant procedure is far less invasive. Without the gum flap being raised, a small hole is punched in the gum tissue with the use of a specialized drill.

Key hole dental implant therefore is not the dental implant itself, but a non-incisional, no flap, minimalist procedure. A way of placing a dental implant.

Main advantages of key hole dental implant technique:

  • Being a minimalist technique with no flap raising the gum tissues will undergo less trauma
  • Less discomfort and post-operative swelling
  • Digital implant dentistry enables precision and accuracy in placement of the implants
  • This technique can be beneficial for patients with anxiety, phobia and medical conditions such as diabetes and hypertension

Is Key Hole Dental Implant procedure right for you?

Not everyone is a suitable candidate for this procedure. When your implant dentist is certain that you have sufficient bone volume for this procedure only then will we recommend the key hole implant method.

We can determine this only after a cone-beam CT scan is carried out for you. It is imperative to ensure that there is adequate clearance vital mouth structures like sinuses and nerves for the implant fixture.

Contraindications for Key Hole Dental Implant Installation

  • who have a thin jaw bone with not enough bone mass structure
  • Those with sinuses and nerves within close proximity to the affected area.
Key-Hole Dental Implants

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At our Melbourne dental practices, we perform minimalistic key hole dental implant placement and offer sedation/sleep dentistry for your comfort.

This process requires minimal to no stitches and heals much faster than the traditional method. Residents of Camberwell, Collingwood, Deepdene, Murrumbeena, Chadstone, Mount Waverley, Glen Waverley, Caulfield, Vermont, Forest Hill, and Blackburn can get in touch with us for more details on the key hole dental implants technique. We will be glad to provide you with all the information you need so that you can make a well-informed decision.

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