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Did you know that dental issues can in fact be symptoms of an underlying health problem? Similarly, an incorrect bite or poor oral hygiene may be causing you a plethora of health issues. With the correct help, you can tackle these issues and start feeling healthier.

The connection and relationship between dentistry and your health should not be underestimated. Our team advocates complete health dentistry, understanding the importance of a comprehensive assessment. We are not a drill-and-fill practice with a short-term patch-up approach. Our holistic Melbourne dentist provides a thorough health assessment and at times rely on other professionals such as ENT specialists, physiotherapists and chiropractors to assist in restoring you to total health.

Tackle Hidden Health Issues with our Holistic Dentist in Melbourne

  • Patients with poor oral health or missing teeth generally experience some overflow effects on their body and overall wellbeing. Affordable dental implants can be the optimal solution.
  • Myofunctional therapy and orthopaedic appliances for growing kids (ages 4-11) can assist with the correct alignment of teeth and prevent the need for extractions and braces. See Myobrace for more information.
  • Sleep apnoea and other sleep issues can be related to a poor bite or Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD) such as grinding. Poor sleep does not just make you grumpy, it can lead to depression, cardio vascular disease and diabetes. If you or your family members are suffering from sleep apnoea or TMD, it’s time to act.
  • Gum disease can develop into a plethora of conditions, while simple problems such as chronic bad breath can result in poor social outcomes.

Complete Health Dentistry

Your health is our top priority. We aim to target the underlying causes of the issues you are experiencing. Whether you are bringing a growing child or yourself to our practice, we believe the whole family will benefit from our approach to complete health dentistry. Take the holistic approach with your Melbourne dentist and you will enjoy a healthier life in the long run.

Our warm, friendly, professional team are dedicated towards providing you with best quality care and to improve your wellbeing. Our soothing, relaxing environment will help you feel at ease and is designed to enable you to experience peace and tranquility. If you are anxious or nervous, give us a call before you arrive. We can give you a tour of our dental studio before your first visit so you feel comfortable while receiving dental care.

Dentist Collingwood
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