• Your comfort is our top priority. A warm, friendly, professional team is dedicated to your well-being to provide you top quality care and meet your every need. Our soothing, relaxing environment will put anyone at ease and make you feel complete peace and tranquility.
  • If you are anxious or nervous, don’t feel shy to give us a call. We are here to serve and even give you a tour of our studio practice before your first visit.
  • Your happiness is the most important thing to us and our goal is to have you entering and leaving our practice with a smile on your face.


We know your dental issues can in fact be symptoms of an underlying health issue. Or in some cases poor oral hygiene or an incorrect bite may be causing you a plethora of health issues.

The connection and relationship between dentistry and your health should not be underestimated. This is why our team advocates Complete Health Dentistry and the importance of Comprehensive Assessment. At times we will utilise other health professionals like ENT specialists, Physiotherapists, Chiropractor to assist in getting you back on track to total health. We are not a drill-and-fill practice with a short term patch up approach.

  • If you are suffering from poor oral health or missing teeth there is a strong chance that there will be some overflow factor on your body and overall wellbeing, the way you look and feel. Dental implants can be the optimal solution
  • Did you know that by myofunctional therapy and orthopaedic appliances in growing kids(4-11) can help the grown in alignment-naturally. Can also prevent need for teeth extraction and braces
  • Did you know that sleep apnoea and other sleep issues can be related to a poor bite or TMJ and grinding issues? Did you know that lack of sleep could result in depression, cardio vascular disease and diabetes?
  • It is well known that gum disease can lead to a plethora of health issues, while something as simple as chronic bad breath could result in poor social outcomes. However the outcomes of sleep apnoea and TMJ are serious and if you suspect you or your partner have an issue, it’s time to act
  • So whether it be for a growing child or adult the benefit of the Complete Health dentistry and holistic approach is that we aim to target the underlying causes to the issues you may be facing. In the long run you will be better off and enjoy a healthier life
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