Understanding Holistic Dentistry

Holistic dentistry is now at the cornerstone of patient focused care and modern dental practices. Increasingly popular, patients now recognise the link between oral and general health as being a vital one. As the name clearly suggests, this type of dentistry is more focused towards using natural treatment methods to treat and prevent oral health problems. The holistic dental practitioner won’t limit his diagnosis simply to your jaw; they will also consider your physical, emotional and in some situations, spiritual well-being, as well.

The field of dentistry itself is quite diverse in all its practices and approaches. An ever-evolving field of knowledge and expertise, advancements continue to focus on the patient experience. Holistic dentistry is not only defined by the types of procedures and products used, but by its overall philosophy of the role of oral care and its relationship to your general wellbeing. Did you know for example that studies have concluded a link between gum disease and heart health, diabetes, and pregnancies? In our holistic approach, we treat the underlying issues that cause the symptoms in the mouth in a manner that does not impact your overall health.

How Do Practitioners Work?

Those who practice holistic dentistry generally use a variety of different treatment methods and approaches. Studies have shown that there’s merit to the practices adopted by certain holistic dental practitioners. Some of the practices that they perform include herbal remedies, acupuncture, homeopathic therapies and other natural remedies. Many holistic practitioners recognise the importance of traditional dentistry and offer a treatment plan that may combine the two approaches, to better serve the patients individual needs.

There has been a lot of debate about whether there’s some truth to the positive effects of holistic medical treatments. That’s primarily because the field of dentistry is shrouded in scientific research, which raises many questions against holistic medicine, with several individuals often holding the opinion that holistic medical treatments do not yield any tangible results. Much of this research falls into stereotyping as holistic dentistry rather than focusing on natural remedies is defined but an overall philosophy and approach, not herbs!

Why Visit a Holistic Practitioner?

The human body is a rather complex piece of machinery, with all parts connected and intertwined. Our physiology does not work in isolation, everything is related to each other, which means that a malfunction in one part of the body might have an adverse impact on another. Our holistic dental practitioners will carry out a thorough physical assessment before customising your individual treatment plan.

At ProSmiles we are dedicated to the practice of holistic dentistry. Setting our patients on the path to oral health and general wellness is at the heart of what we do. For your personal consultation call to schedule an appointment today.