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We have built a solid reputation in Melbourne for focusing on holistic dentistry. Compared to other clinics, which simply offer dental treatment procedures and don’t really target the root cause of problems, we believe in focusing on the bigger picture and looking at your overall well-being. Both doctors at the clinic, namely Dr. Sunita and Dr. Madhur Shiralkar, are firm believers in taking a holistic approach to dentistry. We are committed in our approach to treating patients in the best possible manner, and are always willing to go above and beyond what is required.

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We want to see your best, most confident smile, and if there is something that’s preventing you from doing so, we are here to fix it. If you are constantly experiencing problems with your oral health, it might be due to a much deeper underlying issue with your overall well-being. Our experienced dentists will help you identify the problem and then receive the treatment for it. The fact that we pay such close attention to detail is one of the reasons why customers continue to come back to us time and time again!

Our focus, as highlighted above, lies primarily on holistic dentistry. We will sit down with you and consult with you in detail to assess your general and oral health. Once we are aware of the main issues, we will help draft a treatment plan for you. For us, every patient is different and we will customise your plan to ensure that you get tailored advice from our staff

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