Socket Bone Grafting After Tooth Extraction

Socket Bone Graft before Dental Implants – 3 Things to Know

Socket grafting is a procedure done to preserve the maximum amount of bone after tooth extraction. It may be necessary before implant placement or bridge placement to lay a solid foundation.

If our implant dentist in Melbourne office has mentioned that you may need to have a socket graft, you might find yourself wondering exactly what this procedure is and what it entails.

What Is a Socket Bone Graft?

Socket grafting involves immediately filling the tooth extraction site with a bone graft material. Because the surrounding bone deteriorates very quickly once a tooth is removed, filling the socket can decrease the rate of bone erosion. If there’s not enough bone to anchor an implant, the graft can provide a stable base to place the dental implant after 4-6 months of healing.

Where Does the Graft Material Come From?

So as not to cause another undue surgical procedure -to get graft material from the patient- substitutes like tissue bank materials, or material from bovine or cadaver sources might be used. Alternately, synthetic bone may also be used as graft material.

Should I Get a Socket Graft?

Bone erosion can happen relatively quickly. It may have negative impact on the bone volume, cause excessive gum shrinkage and even affect adjacent teeth. Hence socket bone grafting may be more crucial, particularly if it is for the front teeth or where the bone is thin.

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