Myofunctional Orthodontics

We offer a range of orthodontic treatments that are aimed at improving the appearance of your teeth. Two of the most common treatments that we offer include Myobrace and Invisalign. Both are designed to correct the growth and position of a person’s teeth so that the person can smile with confidence. Crooked and misaligned teeth can also cause a litany of health problems, especially because food remnants won’t be properly cleaned from around your teeth. If you or a loved one has crooked or misaligned teeth and would like to take corrective action, simply set an appointment with us at today and let us tell you more about Myobrace and Invisalign.


Myobrace is an early intervention treatment that is ideal for children above the age of five years. It is a holistic and preventative treatment that focuses primarily on correcting the tooth positions and rectifying breathing issues. The Myobrace treatment plan that we offer at Pro Smiles is designed to decrease the risks of malocclusion, improve facial growth, and ensure that the teeth grow in their correct positions. In case you ever need future orthodontic treatment, it will be considerably more stable thanks to you having the Myobrace treatment early on. The results from Myobrace are generally achieved before permanent teeth set in.


We also offer Invisalign treatment to our customers as well. Invisalign is a direct alternative to metal braces and can be regarded as a long-term solution for optimal oral health. For people who have misaligned or crooked teeth, invisible aligners are the perfect alternative. They can be used for correcting the position of a person’s teeth without causing any discomfort. It doesn’t involve the use of any wires or unsightly brackets, making it an excellent option for repositioning a person’s teeth gradually.

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