Myobrace in Melbourne Correcting Children’s Teeth

Myobrace in Melbourne Correcting Children’s Teeth

Conventional metallic braces are quite uncomfortable and can cause a child a lot of pain and discomfort. However, advancements in modern dentistry now see dentists offering the ‘no-brace’ early intervention method of Myobrace. An industry revolutionising teeth realignment appliance, Myobrace is used for redirection growth and to eliminate potentially damaging soft tissue habits in children as young as 5. Comfortable and non-intrusive this treatment uses myofunctional orthodontic techniques to address poor oral habits – which form the underlying causes of crooked teeth.

How Are Crooked Teeth Treated?

Having made an informed decision on the best dental treatment for your child’s crooked teeth, your dentist will first carry out detailed scans of the jaw and teeth. A computerised projection will be created showing how to best straighten the teeth and improve poor oral habits. Via the Myobrace, light intermittent forces are applied to the crooked teeth, gently aligning them into position.

More About the System

Myobrace in Melbourne is the preferred choice amongst parents who are committed to their child’s dental health. This alignment trainer also reduces the need for braces and extractions in the future. An innovative treatment option it is backed by over twenty years of experience and delivers proven results. It corrects essential orthodontic problems and serves as a dual system, helping to correct the position of the teeth as well as improving poor hygiene habits, it can also assist with breathing irregularities. Currently, the Myobrace is used in more than 100 countries.

The Myobrace trainers are a sequential system, effectively training the tongue to position correctly in the upper jaw and retrain the oral musculature. They are not a complex and uncomfortable dental appliance intruding on the activities of your child, they are simply worn for two hours every night while sleeping. Your dentist will also provide a series of myofunctional exercises (also known as Trainer Activities) for your child to perform.

At Dentist Collingwood our dentists will set regular target goals and monitor the progress of the movement of the teeth to ensure the Myobrace system is effective and achieving the desired results. As part of the treatment plan, follow up consultations are scheduled at our dental clinic in Collingwood.

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