The “Marvellous” Mini Implants at Camberwell and Collingwood!

A proven and inexpensive way to secure your denture.

Mini implants can be used to secure a set of teeth (lower denture usually), and have many benefits over both traditional dentures and are a cost effective alternative to traditional dental implants.

If you’re like most people, the word “dentures” probably makes you think about messy adhesive and that awkward speech pattern that is the result of your teeth coming loose and trying to sneak out of your mouth! If these notions are less than thrilling to you, why not consider mini dental implants to secure them?

Once placed, mini dental implants feature a ball-like head that connects into a series of O-rings in the denture plate itself, holding them comfortably against the gum tissue.

Some of the benefits of mini dental implants are:

1. Mini implants may be used for patients who are not candidates for traditional implants.

While traditional dental implants require the patient to have a sufficient amount of bone to hold a couple of large anchors, mini implants can hold a plate with 4 to 6 smaller implants. The longer you have had dentures, the more your underlying bone erodes, making it difficult to hold conventional dentures in place. For patients whose jawbone may be inadequate for traditional dentures or conventional implants, mini dental implants are a practical alternative.

2. Mini Implants can make lower dentures more comfortable.

While traditional dentures require denture adhesive, they can feel uncomfortable, and come loose while eating or talking, mini dental implants denture is secured into place, and will not move unless removal is intended.

Recovery time is usually short and for most patients, it is possible to eat soft food a few hours after the procedure.

3. The Procedure Is Affordable For Most Patients

Mini-implants generally cost nearly half the cost of traditional implants. Additionally, mini-implants rarely require the additional cost of bone grafts that are sometimes required to anchor traditional implants. The mini implants can also be adapted to work with your existing dentures, provided they are well fitting and have sufficient volume for strength.

Our Melbourne dental implants studio at will guide you through the decision-making process regarding mini dental implants and other dental implant procedures.

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