Mini Dental Implants for That Confident Smile

Having an extensive dental procedure can be daunting and depending on the treatment required, may prove costly. At Dentist Collingwood we ensure all patients have access to premium dental care with various payment plans and extensive treatments such as our mini dental implants all competitively priced. Smile restoration is vital to our self-confidence and can positively impact all facets of our lives. We offer mini dental implants after a thorough assessment of your needs and the type of gaps and strength of the surrounding bone structure. This treatment is beneficial to living your everyday life, empowering you to eat and speak unimpeded, while smiling freely.

How mini dental implants differ from conventional implants

As the name suggests, mini dental implants are a miniature version of regular sized implants, even though they are smaller in form they do feature the same structure as our normal sized dental implants. Mini dental implants are also able to secure loose and lower arch dentures.

Mini dental implants are suitable for patients who want to replace lost teeth without needing to undergo conventional restorations. This procedure avoids the need for invasive surgery that is often required when having standard implants, and it is recommended for patients who have lost too much of their jaw bone mass to receive a regular implant. It is performed under local anaesthesia and requires no stitches and heals quickly with minimal discomfort.
Whilst regular implant procedures may take a few months to complete the mini dental implant procedure is usually completed in the one appointment, offering a smile solution quickly so you can smile with confidence.

Mini Dental Implants at Dentist Collingwood

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