Immediate Implants Treatment Melbourne: Revolutionise your smile

Same day dental implant placement… Immediate tooth removal and implant placement is possible!

In selected cases, immediate implants offer a new standard of dental care and faster tooth replacement.

If you have just broken a tooth or are about to lose one, immediate implant placement may an appropriate tooth replacement option for you. After thorough assessment, Dr. Madhur Shiralkar and his team of experienced dentists can place an implant immediately after tooth extraction, if your situation permits.

Quick, affordable and durable solution

Immediate implants is a procedure that involves the placement of an implant at the time of tooth extraction. For a traditional implant, there is a waiting period between removal of the tooth/teeth and placement of the implant. This period is generally 3 to 6 months.

With immediate implants, you can have your implant inserted straight after your tooth extraction!

When are immediate implants a good option?

After you lose a tooth, the gum and bone socket shrinks as part of healing. Putting an immediate implant may be a great option if there is sufficient bone and no active infection.

If you have just lost your tooth! Owing to a sports injury, had an accident, just lost your tooth or fractured it at gum level, an immediate implant may be the option for you. It is important to act quickly!

Before you have lost a tooth! When it comes to something as important as your smile and eating abilities, prevention is better than cure. If you know that you are about to lose a tooth because it is shaky or decayed or you intend to get it extracted, you might want to discuss your immediate dental implant options with our team of experienced dentists in Melbourne.

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