How Affordable Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a revolutionary orthodontic treatment currently available to customers. Invisalign is designed to correct the position of a person’s teeth without the use of metal braces or wires. It’s basically an aligner tray made of plastic that is worn by the patient. The aligner trays will need to be replaced every couple of weeks. They apply gradual force on a person’s teeth to slowly move them back into their correct position. The controlled movements help reposition a person’s teeth without causing a lot of discomfort. A trained dentist will first check your teeth to determine if there is a need for Invisalign before recommending this orthodontic treatment.

Treatment Plans

At Invisalign, we offer a variety of payment plans to ensure that you can pay for the costs of Invisalign. We believe that your smile is an investment in yourself, and the cost of Invisalign is relatively like the cost of having conventional braces installed. However, that’s as far as the similarity goes. With weekly aligner changes, Invisalign treatment is almost 50% faster than conventional braces. Of course, the position of every person’s teeth is different, so we take each case separately and will give you a customized quote based on the position of your teeth.

We want to make Invisalign an easy and accessible option for all our customers. That is why we offer tailored payment plans based on the total costs of treatment. If you can’t afford to pay the costs of treatment upfront, you can simply pay in instalments

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