Bone Grafting for Dental Implants

For some patients – those who don’t have adequate thickness or volume of the jawbone – a bone grafting procedure may be required prior to or along with the actual dental implant procedure.

In Melbourne,If you’re a candidate for a dental implants procedure or bone grafting, you may find yourself wondering – what is bone grafting and what will be involved?

3 Things to Know

How Does Bone Grafting Work?

The type of bone grafting required for dental implantation is known as “ridge augmentation.” Bone loss tends to occur when a tooth or teeth are missing – patients who have worn dentures, for example, may have experienced some to significant amount of jawbone erosion. If there is not enough thickness or density of the remaining bone, a ridge augmentation or dental bone graft procedure can be used to restore the lost bone.

Where Will The Graft Material Come From?

Usually, graft material comes from a tissue bank, or it can come from cadaver, bovine or synthetic bone, which both reduces cost and eliminates the need for the patient to undergo additional surgery.

In complex situations, bone for grafting procedures can come from the patient’s own body – frequently from the chin, hip or shin bones – which will require a surgical procedure for retrieval.

What Is The Cost Of The Bone Graft Procedure?

Cost of the procedure will primarily depend on the individual situation, grafting material used, and whether it is done as a separate procedure. A consultation will clear all your doubts. See our experienced dentists for a thorough assessment and consultation.

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